Jordyn & Peyton

This session will always hold a special place in my heart. We laughed, we were silly, we made new memories. Meet two beautiful sisters who are celebrating their senior year of high school. No, they aren’t twins. Mom gets asked this question all the time since they are both graduating this year.

Peyton, on the left, decided to graduate a year early and skipped her junior year. You would think maybe her older sister would be unhappy sharing the spotlight, but nothing could be further from the truth. These two have a bond rooted in pure love and support for each other. It’s truly a beautiful thing to witness.

“Not many may know the depths of true sisterly love.”

Margaret Courtney

Like many seniors who are on the brink of a new exciting chapter in their lives, comes moments of reflection. Memories made, accomplished achieved, heartaches recalled. And all of those moments have further strengthened their bond and love for one another. It’s so evident when you spend time with them.

And like many sisters, they have their own individual likes, hobbies and dreams for their future. Mom and I wanted to make sure each had their own spotlight and felt special during our session. We began our session deep in the woods and finished on the flashy streets of the city. And what happened in-between was pure magic.

One of the greatest joys of my job is the time I get to spend with my clients. From spending time helping them prep for their session, to the actual shoot, the process always leaves my heart full. Life is full of moments filled with love, you just need to be willing to find them.

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